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As a follow on to my post for the Irish Parenting Bloggers World Breastfeeding Week blog march (that's some title!), I've pulled together a set of links for the many groups and websites you can access for advice on and support with breastfeeding: is a one-stop shop which includes information on where to get help, and links to many breastfeeding support groups:

Cuidiu: find your local branch for mother-to-mother support, breastfeeding groups, mother and baby groups:

La Leche League: LLL leaders who are volunteer mothers are available for telephone support, or you could join a regular meeting to meet other mothers to look for help with specific problems or just to chat:

Friends of Breastfeeding: 

For a network of local support and great information try:

Lactation consultants

You may wish to contact a private lactation consultant to check your baby's latch and give you face-to-face advice - especially if you suspect that your baby has tongue tie or if breastfeeding is painful.

See a list of LCs here (for which there would be a charge for a visit): ALCI list of lactation consultants

Facebook groups:

Another source of support is the huge number of Facebook groups that have sprung up - you can join a group for your area if you have a Facebook account, and then post questions or just read answers to questions posted by other members. 
Many of these groups are "closed" so only other members can see your questions and comments.

Below are links to some Facebook groups (open and closed) or local breastfeeding pages :


For a country-wide (closed) breastfeeding group with a strong focus on peer support and maintaining breastfeeding for all mums who wish to continue throughout and perhaps past infancy, try

Other websites with great information:

Rollercoaster is a popular forum for breastfeeding information and questions

Jack Newman's website is another very popular resource and includes helpful videos and fact sheets (youtube is also another option for videos of a good latch)

Kellymom is also a fantastic source of information on every breastfeeding topic 

and Analytical Armadillo always provides good reading and common sense

For nightweaning advice further down the line:

Tongue tie:

If you think that your baby has tongue tie, it's best to see a qualified lactation consultant who can confirm the diagnosis, help with the latch and advise if any treatment is required.

You can find tongue tie information on 

And you could join a closed Facebook group for moral suppport here:

All information correct as at August 3rd 2013

Do look for support if you're having difficulty breastfeeding your baby - there are so  many people out there who have successfully nursed their own babies and want to help other mothers to have the same experience.

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